Announcing Austin Test Automation Bazaar Jan 15-16, 2016

Another Test Automation Bazaar will happen January 15-16 in Austin, Texas. Once again, I will be co-hosting this event with Zeljko Filipin and the Austin Homebrew Testers. We will be using the same format we used last year: it will be an open-space event, organized under the umbrella of the Open Information Foundation. We will open and plan the conference the evening of Friday Jan 15 and then spend Saturday in presentations, discussions and demos. You can read more about last year’s event.

I host these events mainly for my own selfish reasons. This is one of the ways that I keep up with what is going on in the world. I am looking forward to hearing others share what they have been doing and what has worked for them, and also to share what I have learned about automated testing. I started doing mobile app automation this year, for example, and would love to discuss what I’ve learned.

I also like to use these events to help others get involved in open-source software, and am hoping to see other contributors to projects like Selenium and Watir attend.

If you are interested in helping us plan the event, or want to be included in updates, please join our mailing list.

We also have the event posted in Facebook.

Update: Please register for the event if you are coming.


About Bret Pettichord

Software Quality Architect at HomeAway. Co-founder of the Watir project. Co-author of "Lessons Learned in Software Testing."
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